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    After Effects - quiet audio exports?


      Hey guys, I've been trying to export some videos containing music in them, however, whenever I do, the exported file always seems to present the audio in a rather quiet manner - even though within the actual AE project file (and my original files), the audio is significantly louder.


      As such, was curious if you guys could help me out

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's a really difficult problem to solve without complete project workflow details and render settings. If you are using presets for your comp size and frame rate, and you are not modifying output module settings or Adobe Media Encoder settings then your audio is probably not right in AE. Make sure you check the VU meter in AE and verify that the output from the comp is set to the standards you want.


          BTW, AE is not much good for anything but adding a pre-produced audio track. The tools are lousy for audio. I do all my final audio in Audition.

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            Mohnoh Level 1

            I've checked the VU meter from within AE, and they are at the level I'd like them to be at (My files are imported as .wav bounced out of FL Studio). I've tried to re-render the file, but messed around with some of the export settings (Such as normalizing the audio from the media encoder), but yet I'm continuing to run into this issue...


            Your guys' continued help is most appreciated!

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              I have used AE for years and havn't had this issue before, so there is something wrong.. I use the YouTube 1080p preset in media encoder, and the audio is perfect in AE but the rendered file is so quiet... Adobe, Please fix asap!


              thanx .. Adobe Community...

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                Mohnoh wrote:

                ...I've been trying to export some videos containing music in them...

                Do you have that music elsewhere in a different application?  Premiere Pro, perhaps?  If yes, just screw the audio in AE, render video-only files, import into PP and then export from PP for final delivery via Adobe Media Encoder.  You'll have a lot more control over the final delivery file that way.

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                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                  Hi Mohnoh,

                  I did a test and am not able to reproduce your issue. Are you still experiencing it? If so, do let us know so we can triage the issue and file a bug. If anyone else can also file bugs, that would be great.


                  Please also let us know if you are no longer experiencing the bug.



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                    OnMyWay Level 1

                    I'm not sure, but I shut off my monitors when I am rendering, and one of them is a t.v. connected to hdmi and an audio source that I don't use.. There's a notification saying "audio source change detected" not sure which program it's from but I just leave the monitors on now and it seems to be fine, so I think perhaps it was that.. Still not ideal, but, whatever gets the job done.. I don't like pi$$in' around troubleshooting wierd stuff...