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    Multiple Record Data Merge


      I'm creating a 6 per page data merge where each of the six records are unique.  When I create the merge document and look at the preview, all looks fine.  There are 6 unique records per page.  When I confirm the merge, the actual document shows 6 of the same record per page.  I can not figure out why the preview is working but the actual merge is not.  Any suggestions?

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          shjaredarj Level 1

          Actually, it's worse than that!  I get 25 pages of the same record - with a few scattered unique records.  And even then, the one record it is displaying, 6 on a page for 25 pages,  is combining the information for two records (I have the fields for first and last name displaying twice and it is showing two different names within the same record). 


          Once again, the preview looks perfect.

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            Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

            I find the multiple record feature of Data Merge quite buggy and will not use it for any projects until it receives some attention from the engineers. I've written a piece about it a while ago - https://colecandoo.com/2013/12/28/data-merge-multiple-record-madness/


            In the meantime, are you exporting directly to PDF or INDD file? I've noticed this phenomenon when exporting directly to PDF, but this behaviour doesn't happen for me when exporting to INDD.

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I would also set it up - but do not use the preview. I've found using the Preview to be buggy.


              Set it up - and create the InDesign file directly - or directly to PDF without previewing.

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                shjaredarj Level 1

                Thanks for trying to help!
                First, I don't think I'm exporting to PDF.  The merged document just opens in INDD.  I can't even see the option to export to PDF while creating the merged document.

                I've tried putting variable fields on a regular page vs a master page -- no success

                I've recreated CVS file multiple times and tried saving the excel document to another new document copying values and not formulas - no success there either.

                I've tried creating the merged document without previewing first, no success.

                To test my CSV file I merged as single records and that worked perfectly.


                I'm stumped.