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    Sketch Not Working on Multiple Devices


      I have sketch on my Ipad and my android phone. Im using the same adobe ID on both devices and it says all files are synced but I can't access any files on my phone. All the files were drawn and created on the Ipad and are visible and are able to be edited on the IPad. Is there any way for me to access and edit the files on my phone?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi X.


          Sketch on iOS has a number of features that are still in-progress on Android and therefore (as a precaution so no work is lost) we're currently not allowing the opening of projects, created on iOS, in the Android version of the app.


          So they don't take up space on devices on which it's not possible to open/work on then they will not appear on Android devices at all.


          The Android team is working on feature parity.


          In case you want to check and make sure your Sketch work is syncing to Creative Cloud, log in with your Adobe ID to Adobe Creative Cloud and make sure that your Android and iOS work shows there.


          Sue .