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    AIR app installation: "Sorry, an error occurred."

    abeall Level 3
      My client is getting this message when they try to install the latest version:

      "Sorry, an error has occurred"

      "The application could not be installed because an application with that name already exists at the selected installation location. Try installing to a different location."

      Why won't it update/overwrite the old version? I don't get this error message on my machine.
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          Are you sure they're not uninstalling the older version first?
          Usually when you uninstall it leaves the folder but none of the files behind, this is enough for Air to think the application is still installed.

          I would double check and make sure they're not uninstalling it first, the installer/replace function will handle the new version and overwriting the old.
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            abeall Level 3
            My client says that they only see this message (for which they've sent screenshots) if the application is currently installed. They say that they "have to uninstall the old version first, and then it works." It seems like the new version is simply not able to recognize the existence of the old application, so when it sees the directory already taken it just aborts. I have not changed the application id.

            The Install Badge also seems unable to recognize when the user (myself or the client) has the application installed already. I'm using Flash CS3, and I've set the ID and Name. There's no Description or Copyright. I manually added allowBrowserInvocation in the descriptor XML.
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              halastyx Level 1

              did you use the same certificate to sign old and new version?
              What changes has been made in -app.xml since old -> new version ?
              Did you use the same tool to build .air file ? I mean if you used FB / adt in both cases or not ?
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                abeall Level 3
                Everything has remained consistent. I'm building in Flash CS3 and have been from the start. The certificate has not changed. The descriptor XML has not changed except for the version number, and at one point I added allowBrowserInvocation. Very early on I changed the app id, but the client never saw or installed that version. I did, but I don't have this issue.