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    PS CC 2017 is using mass HDD space just to do simple tasks

    timothyh68471775 Level 1

      Hi, I'm having issues with scratch disks are full and PS using mass amounts of disk space just to do simple tasks. Like to drag out a circle on a blank document it will fill up 150gig on my SSD C: as well as filling filling up 250gig on my D: and then it will even try to use my external usb3.0 2TB drive. I know PS need a good amount of space to run properly, but this seems a bit ridiculous. The program had been use able in the past but it's pretty much useless now. I'm using a core i5 with 20gig or ram 150gig free SSD space 250gig of normal hard drive space and over a terabyte on external HDD.