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    I can not open my XD file.

    g.alexanders37024324 Level 1

      I got this error.

      Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 15.29.42.png


      And then, I checked error log on Console App.

      Here is that.


      1/15/17 14:51:30.796Adobe XD[27482]writing to output file got error: Result too large
      1/15/17 14:51:30.796Adobe XD[27482]error processing data: Invalid argument
      1/15/17 14:51:42.806ReportCrash[61770]Write failed to file /Users/*******/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Adobe XD_2017-01-15-145142_XanderAmith.crash - uid: 502 gid: 20, euid: 502 egid: 20 - error 28: No space left on device
      1/15/17 14:51:42.806ReportCrash[61770]Failed to save crash report for Adobe XD[27482] (version ( to file:///Users/*******/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/Adobe%20XD_2017-01-15-145142_XanderA mith.crash.
      1/15/17 14:51:42.821ReportCrash[61770]Process:               Adobe XD [27482]
      1/15/17 14:51:42.821ReportCrash[61770]Path:                  /Applications/Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta)/Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta).app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe XD
      1/15/17 14:51:42.821ReportCrash[61770]Responsible:           Adobe XD [27482]
      1/15/17 14:51:42.833ReportCrash[61770]       0x10871b000 -        0x10a4c2fff +com.adobe.xd ( - <C28228FA-5223-34D5-B860-D6E7C44ECC3D> /Applications/Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta)/Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta).app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe XD


      And I can not open Backup files by TimeMachine.

      Why can't I open backup files too?


      I have to fix this.

      Due date is almost there.


      Please help me.