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    3D physics Havok questions

    Level 7
      I'm trying to use physics with Shockwave 3D using Havok. I'm using
      Director MX 2004 on Windows and have downloaded a bunch of demo movies
      from the Havok area on Director Online.

      I'm not a programmer so am trying to do as much as possible with
      behaviors. I built a 3D scene in Max with contoured ground plane and a
      car, and a bunch of other things. I created a Havok member (from the
      Insert > MEdia Element menu), then linked it to my Shockwave 3D member
      with the 'Havok Physics (Inserted HKE)' behavior. Then added the 'Make
      Fixed Rigid Body' to the 3D sprite and chose a ground model and for
      Type, chose 'Concave'. I actually tried the various types but concave
      seemed to work best.

      My first question - am I right in making contoured ground model as
      I assume box type models would be Convex Box, and spheres Convex
      Sphere. What is Convex: Hull?

      I then set up my car as with the 'Make Movable Rigid Body' behavior.

      After setting up the above, i added a behavior called 'Drive Model'
      which is for moving a model like a car using the arrow keys.

      When I play the file, the car falls onto the ground. My scene was set up
      with the car's starting position slightly above ground. However, I can't
      get the car to move when I use the arrow keys. It seems to be locked in
      the ground.

      Could anyone here suggest what may be going wrong in my movie?