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    Workaround for sharing components across multiple MXML apps?

      Hey all,

      My company has developed 5 MXML applications that do various things. Because these applications are all interrelated, they use a lot of the same code. When they were developed, the original author just copied the shared code from project to project so each project had it's own copy. This is horrible for maintainability, so today I took a stab at cleaning it up.

      I created a flex library project and moved the shared files into there. I then had all the projects import the library. This was super easy to do, and it worked great -- or so I thought! However, later in the day, I realized that my flex builder was crashing every time I went into design mode on any of the projects that imported the library! After a bit of investigation, I determined that it has to do something with the fact that the library embeds a large (320k) XML file full of string translations. If I reduced the size of that XML file, the crashing would stop. Increase it, and the crashing would start again.

      I'm pretty sure this is a bug in flex builder 3.01 (which I've reported). In the meantime, I'm wondering if anybody can enlighten me on other possible ways to share code between multiple independent flex applications that doesn't involve creating libraries. Perhaps one of those options won't have the same issue?

      Many thanks!