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    Import preformatted Text blocks from another source during data merge




      I am looking for a "how to" type of answer.


      I created a calender for 2017 with one page per day with data merge. I am importing day, weekday, a graphic from a file for moon phase etc. with the help of a .csv file. All works great so far.


      Now i want to add a hint of the day, which includes on one day text and graphics, another day just bullet points, onother day plain text etc.


      Ideally I would like to format all 365 day entries in another indesign file and import for each day a different "pre-formatted block" which has a name I provide in the .csv file

      In Word you can do this with textmarks as part of the serial letter function.


      I would highly appreciate any help how to do this with data merge in Indesign.


      Best Helmut