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    After Effects CC 2017 RAM preview problem

    jokog75920106 Level 1


      i use After Effects two years. Now I had buy new hardware.



      i7 6700k

      GTX 1070

      16 RAM

      Win 10 Pro


      I thought it works good, but i can't use the ram preview correctly.


      If I would play a clip (30s long) without a effect, so the clip rendered to 1 second an played in a loop.

      The same clip with a effect for example twitch, it rendered the same time of 1 second and played also in a loop.

      AE can use 14GB of RAM and there is maybe 1 or 2 GB in use.

      I swichted the view render from CPU to GPU and reversed. I see no different.


      Where is the problem (?), my cache had I clean up. By the way premiere work very goog and without problems.


      Thank you!

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