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    addChild -textbox

      I have a dynamic text box inside a movie clip. The movie clip resides below a bunch of other images and movie clips on the stage, so that if the other movie clips are moved across the screen, they cover up the text box.

      The problem I have is that I added a link dynamically, and now the textbox appears on top of everything else. Is there a way I can make this sit behind everything else again?

      My code:

      public function showContent():void {
      this.gotoAndStop( "content" );

      // hide various screens
      hideClip( this.startmenu );
      hideClip( this.downloadscreens );

      showClip( this.bodytext );
      setClipLanguage( this.bodytext );

      this.bodytext.introCopy.htmlText += "Disc 1 is totally baller. Some other text. Etc, etc, etc. Please review the the <a href='event:Link Clicked'>usage guidelines (PDF) </a> before beginning work.";


      this.bodytext.introCopy.addEventListener(TextEvent .LINK, linkEvent);

      this.bodytext.language.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, this.selectLanguage );


      function linkEvent(event:TextEvent):void {
      trace("HOORAY! I'm a PIRATE");
      // Link Clicked

      I tried to add this code:

      Stage.setChildIndex(this.bodytext.introCopy, 0);

      but I got an error, Stage is not a variable