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    Help Search Bar


      I haven't been on Photoshop for a little less than a year, I've had computer troubles. I finally went in big for the Microsoft Surface Pro and the first thing I did was download Photoshop. Well, of course it's different in a few ways, as I expected. However, I always remembered that no matter what my problem was there was a search bar in the Help tab. If I wanted to pull up my swatches I could just go to the Help tab type in "swatches" and it would take me right to them. I just can't think of a sensible reason why they would take this away, as it was one of the most useful aspects of the entire service. I am here to ask if it is somewhere else and I am missing it, if there was somehow never a search bar in the Help tab and I am just mistaken, or if this option has really been taken away. I just want an answer, or help finding it if I can get it. I've googled it and the internet can't seem to comprehend my problem, so I'm here for the help of the experts. Thank you in advance.