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    MacBook Pro minimize button missing


      I have a MacBook Pro running Lightroom 6 that was working fine - the three colored buttons at the top of the screen were there, and could minimize Lightroom as needed..


      Today I clicked on the green button to maximize the screen.  Worked, but there is no obvious way to switch it back.  The place where the three buttons might appear seems to be covered by the MacBook menu line at the top of the screen.


      I've been searching the forums and reading, and while some people find answers, others don't.


      I read where typing "F" would cycle the screen through three (or four someplace else) modes, where one of them would allow me to un-do the maximizing.  In my case, the "F" switched back and forth between what I see now, and then enlarging one image to fill the entire screen.



      I'd like to think that if I created this problem by simply clicking on the green maximize button, there must be some way to un-click it.....   but I can't find the buttons in order to click on it again, so I need something else. 


      Someone suggested I change my "screen modes" under the view menu, but the choices he suggested were not there.

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          avacto Level 1

          I tried that yesterday.  No luck.  The red, yellow, and green "dots" did not return.  Having read what you posted above, I did Shift-F again.  Still no luck.  Then I started doing it over and over again.  The Lightroom window suddenly shrank slightly, so it was no longer full screen, and the three "buttons" re-appeared.


          So, first comment - Problem Solved.   Thank you!


          New question - why didn't this work the first few times I did this?  When I did the Shift-F over and over again, the reduced size Lightroom window switched back and forth to showing Lightroom, and then showing the single image that was selected "full size" within that window. 


          I guess I need to look up the effects of "F", "Shift-F", and I think there were other key combinations. I think I will avoid making the window full-screen from now on, until I understand this better.


          Again, thank you!

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            Thanks for asking this question - happened on my Mac desktop as well, thought I was going crazy.  Starting to keep a running list of little helpful tips like this.