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    Saying hi to the forum. What are your goals with Character Animator?


      I wanted to introduce myself to the forum and let you know what my goals are with character animator.


      I finished writing a book a few weeks ago and I'm editing it now. I'm going to turn it into an animated series and put that up on YouTube. It's my first time making an animated project. I'm still editing minor errors in the book (3rd draft) but I've started doing the storyboards for the animations, and I'll be looking for voice actors in my local area once those are done and I have the flipbook and script organized for them.


      I'm hoping to use the adobe suite, including character animator, as my main workhorse in puppet rigging as they look to be very powerful in what they can do. I'm currently on disability and this is what I'm hoping will be my way off of it, writing books and animating them in a cyclical series of production to make a living through youtube. It's going to be a very busy year, and I'm looking forward to it.


      I was was wondering what your goals were with character animator?