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    Getting arms to hang by sides

    matthewb65800833 Level 1

      Hi guys. I'm creating a bunch of human puppets. Setting up my source files I have the arms sticking out at 45 degree angles, which I saw in a bunch of the tutorials. The problem is that I don't actually want the arms sticking out in the performance - I want them hanging straight down. I can sort of do this by holding down the dragger handles down for the entire performance, one hand at a time. But this is annoying and also results in some awkward looking arms. Is there a way to set up a "rest position" with the arms by the sides, or is the rest position always the way the Illustrator document is set up?


      Also, is there a way to keep the arms from stretching in length? I don't want them to elongate like Mr. Fantastic - I want them to follow the mouse but stop at full arm extension. Thanks!