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    Tethered Shooting Session - Files saved to computer, but after closing LR, lost progress on photos


      Mac OS X (El Capitan), Nikon D7000, newest version of Lightroom (updated before the shoot).


      Hi all,


      I did a session today with two different models, shooting tethered to my machine. Shooting went flawlessly, and during the process I removed a bunch of photos, set a ton of ratings for future reference and editing, and made a host of minor tweaks and adjustments to photos on the fly.


      Problem is that I exited Lightroom as we wrapped up as I had to run out. When I came back and reopened the application, I could find no trace of the session. The host folder was empty (in lightroom, that is), and I had to manually import all of my files from the source location on the laptop into a new folder for Lightroom. Unsurprisingly, all of the edits and ratings I made were not apparent.


      What exactly does it sound like I did incorrectly that led to this?


      Thanks so much for any help!