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    Unexpected NetConnection.Connect.Closed event in Flash 23


      Hi everyone,


      We use Adobe Flash for browser-based video chat (using RTMP and RTMFP) and started observing call drops with Flash 23 (the call drops in 20-30% of the cases anytime between call start and 20 minutes). When using a older Flash Player version (Flash 18) on two machines, the issue does not occur. Based on when we found this in our QA environment, it seems the issue started happening with Flash 22 or 23, but it's hard to say exactly which Flash version does and which one does not have the issue without testing each one.


      When the call drops, we get a NetConnection.Connect.Closed event. We are wondering if anything around this event changed in a recent Flash update. We checked the release notes at https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/flash-player-releasenotes.html

      but nothing was sticking out.


      Any input would be much appreciated.