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    How can I save space by creating an original copy of a final edit?

    vicfirth1 Level 1

      Hi all!


      It's quite simple by example (which is a real example)...


      Say I went to a wedding two years ago. I took my camera and shot 1000 photos. Of those, I kept 50. I already deleted the other 950.


      Of those 50, I edited 12 brilliant ones.


      Now, I was going through old photos for leisure and for clean up. I don't need the originals. It's like my film editing - at the end of the day after 6 months I delete all original video for a client, but have a folder for all my final cuts and completed work.


      So my questions is simple, I want to delete the original 12 brilliant raw files, but keep the edited versions, all touched up and everything.


      Is there a simpler way to do this versus exporting 12 jpegs and reimporting them and deleting the original raw files?


      Thank you in advance.