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    Moving Panels from one place to other place if user click on the panel

      Hi All,
      I have a problem with panels.I have four panels are there in my screen.
      The four panel are arrangend in Window(Application) the following way.

      Left side contains "One Panel"(20% width,100% height)
      Right side contains "Two Panels"(20% width) vertivcally and each panel size is(20% width,50% height)
      In middle only "One Panel"(60% width,100% height)

      If the user clicks on the anyone of panel in the rightside that Panel is going to expand(increase the width,height) and move into the middle Panel,and then that Middle Panel is going to reduce the width,height then replace the clicking panel.

      How can i do that?.
      Can u any suggestions on this?

      Thanks in Advance,