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    I wish to do OCR on a 345pp scanned document. Edit PDF not doing anything.

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      It's a while since I've done any OCR in Acrobat and the (still lamentable) UI has changed a bit since then. I did watch a Adobe tutorial on Acrobat and it said to use the "Edit PDF" tool, and though it's in a different place on my Acrobat Pro I found it easily enough.


      The problem is when I click on that tool all that happens is a blue box outlining the perimeter of each scanned page appears, unlike in the tutorial where the text areas are surrounded with boxes and you can interact with the text as strings.


      This is the document I wish to attempt OCR on, it's not a great scan, with reverse pages leaking through the image but the text is important so I want to attempt it.


      The Great Chronicle Of Buddhas - download it here  (each chapter is about 100MB DL)


      Appreciate any help getting me up to speed with OCR in Acrobat these day.