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    Cloud backups

    MerkurNJ Level 1

      Hi - I have over 100,000 pictures in my catalog and have these backed up locally at least once/week.  I would like to have access to this catalog when working remotely but do not need the full resolution 20MB RAW files - I am willing to live with lower resolution JPGs when working remotely and have these act as another backup source should disaster strike.


      I have heard a lot about Carbonite and how easily it integrates with mobile use to allow iPad browsing.  Is this the best solution?  Would I have to create JPG versions of my catalog by exporting each image in the catalog to allow access remotely?  Are there other online solutions I should consider?  I already use Google Photos/Picasa for a lot of my photo collections.  Would this be a solution I should consider?





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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi MerkurNJ,


          We suggest you to keep a catalog on the external hard drive and travel along with it. As we aware that Lightroom catalog don't save any images, it only capture the image preview within it. In order to work on the images, the original images should be connected with Lightroom. You can create a smart preview while importing the image in Lightroom in that case you need to carry the original images on the external hard drive along with the catalog.


          Online solutions are not that successful when working on the images in Lightroom.




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            dj_paige Level 10

            The only way to work with Carbonite would be to download the necessary photo files, and also the catalog file, to your remote computer. The major drawback to doing this of course is that it takes time to do so, and then when you are finished, you'd need to make sure you upload the catalog file from the remote computer to Carbonite (and honestly, I don't even know if this is possible), and then later download the catalog file from Carbonite to the main computer. Also, Carbonite is not free.


            If your interest is iPad work at the remote site, you could use Lightroom Mobile. You could also access the photos from Lightroom Mobile on another computer using Lightroom on the web.