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    How to stop virtual keyboard when picking color on Surface Pro 4


      I have a Surface Pro 4 which I like to use with the pen that comes with it. When picking a color, the virtual keyboard always pops up and needs to be dismissed (an annoying extra step). To make things worse, most of the time Windows resizes Photoshop to take up only half the screen (making room for the keyboard). I then need to resize photoshop again.


      Is there any way to stop Photoshop from poping up the keyboard everytime I want to pick a color?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I have a Surface Pro 3 nor 4. I have not problem with the color picker, Swatches or the color Picker Pop-up dialog for things like foreground, background or fill color.  You need to find out why the on screen keyboard is popping up.  Are you by chance touching a text field in the color picket dialog like the color hex number or RGB color, any text field.  That would cause the onscreen keyboard to show. When I do that on my Surface Pro 3 A Windows on screen keyboard open in a window over the Photoshop window. Photoshop's Window is not resized. Do you have some virtual keyboard software installed?


          I use TouchKey keyboards at time using Photoshop On my surface Pro 3 without its keyboard attached to have access to some Photoshop shortcuts.