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    Charged for Video Downloads During Adobe Stock Free Trial Period


      I signed up for the Adobe Stock 1 month free trial on December 20 2016.


      Today, I chose 10 videos, and downloaded them. And I saw to my horror that I have received email receipts for each video charged at $79 and in 2 cases $199. I am still within the first month trial period. My bank account web site shows pending charges for each of the 10 videos.


      I simply logged into Adobe Stock and chose the videos I wanted. I did not have any options to click or types of licenses to pick.


      I used the chat functionality to contact support. I chatted with a man named Manish. He seemed to want to tell me that I had chosen Adobe Stock "on demand" instead of Adobe Stock. I did not see "on demand" indicated anywhere.


      This is very misleading. There was nothing I saw on the Adobe Stock web site to indicate that I was doing anything other than following up on the offer I had signed up for. Now I am being charged over $1000!


      Manish did not resolve the issue for me. I asked for his manager to call me back, but he ignored that request. He finally wrote to me that he was escalating the issue and I would hear back from escalated support within 2 business days.


      This is really unacceptable. I am being charged around $1000 for assets I had expected to be free. I cannot afford this. Adobe: please rectify this situation. I have been a customer for many years.