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    Radial filter


      Im new at Lightroom, i was using the radial filter to reduce exposure. It now has very little effect up or down now. Thanks

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          1. Select the Radial filter tool

          2. Drag the mouse on the image while holding down the left mouse button. Drag the circle 'handles' to reshape.

          3. If you want to adjust inside the radial circle- tick the [Invert Mask] option. Remove tick to adjust outside the radial.

          4. Adjust the sliders (Exposure, etc) in the tool panel for the effect wanted. (Not in the 'Basic' panel that appears lower down)


          The Radial Filter tool panel shows 'Effect' at the top- Double-click 'Effect' to reset the sliders to zero/nil.


          If this does not work for you- describe exactly in detail the steps you take to use the Radial filter.

          See this link-

          How to use the Radial Filter tool in Lightroom

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            What are the settings you are using for the radial filter, including the feather?

            If you turn on the mask (check box at the bottom of the screen) does that help visualize things?