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    Which of these do I pick for Laptop Editing

    mandolinista Level 1

      XPS 15.6 inch

      i7-7700 7th Gen.

      1050 NVidia

      256 SSD

      Good color FHD screen

      8gb RAM



      Alienware 15.6 FHD

      I7-7700 7th Gen

      8gb Ram

      1060 Nvidia with 6GB

      1TB HD Drive



      Alienware 17R

      QHD Screen 2560x1440

      I7-6700 6th Gen

      1TB HD

      8gb RAM

      1060 Nvidia with 6GB



      Alienware 17r

      FHD screen 1920x1080

      i7-7700 7th gen

      8gigs RAM

      AMD Radeon™ RX 470 with 8GB GDDR5

      1TB HD




      All have "ok" color on the screens. Looking for smoothest running when using effects like speed change and Red Giant Stuff. 17 is tempting for more space but its last gen processor and the newer one has a Video card I know nothing about. No gaming, just video editing and some photoshop and after effects