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    Accidentally changed metadata after relocating file... HELP




      Ok, heres what happened... After changing the location of a folder, I clicked on the little "?" and relocated it and showed Lightroom where it was. Ive done this before BUT this time I guess I relocated it to another folder with a "copy" of the original in it, not the original itself. Lightroom warned me that the metadata was different and asked me if I wanted to continue with the new location anyways and like an idiot I said "yes" thinking at the time its the original file, why wouldn't it be. So now when I go into the Lightroom collection, EVERY picture in the collection has the little "!" mark on it AND every image is overexposed and ugly... as if its been over edited. So moving onto the little "!" mark, I click on it and get a little message box that reads: The metadata for this photo has been changed by another application. Should Lightroom import settings from disk or overwrite disk settings with those from the catalog? Then I am given the options to "Import settings from disk" or "Overwrite settings"


      I want to un-do what I did if possible. Correct the location of the original. Or if anything, I want the edits to go back to what they were before. Im not sure which option to choose or if there is something else I can do.



      Thank you in advance for your help.