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    The CMYK colors of imported illustrator file change in indesign


      Here's the problem:


      when I drag an Illustrator file into my InDesign document, the CMYK values are the same, but the appearance and RGB value is completely different. In both files I uses the Iso coated v2 300% color space. How can I make sure that my color value is the same and also they look the same?


      These are the color values in Illustrator:

      R: 204, G: 21, B: 26

      C: 13, M: 100, Y: 98, K: 4

      # cc151a


      ... and these in Indesign

      R: 191, G: 36, B: 39

      C: 13, M: 100, Y: 98, K: 4

      # be2327


      Thank you very much for your help - I´m truely lost here.