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    JavaScript/ExtendScript for InDesign

    Masood.Ahmad Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      Being a non-programmer, I’m trying to learn “JavaScript for InDesign” from a very long time. I have searched the web but didn’t get anything that can teach me the same. I have also gone through the course “InDesign-Scripting-Made-Easy” by Keith on Lynda, but fails to understand it. I then took a course in JavaScript, HTML and CSS from a reputed Institute. There I learned about the Web and the basics of JS. The instructors over there were unaware about the InDesign DOM and hence I’m left with no knowledge about the course I’m looking for.


      The Keith’s course gives the basic idea about the DOM but not in depth. For example, how to read DOM, how to capture the commands and options from DOM and utilize them in the JS. There is a huge .chm version of the DOM by Jongware, I have downloaded it but unable to read/understand it.


      Can anyone please guide me and recommend something in this regard. Meanwhile, I’m trying to get in touch with some Programmers, who are working on InDesign JavaScript.


      Thanks in advance,