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    Transform - Guided Upright Tool, Invalid Guide Configuration.

    MrDill Level 1

      I have an image of a church that was tilted back quite a bit so I used the Transform - Guided Upright Tool to straighten it up, which worked like a charm.


      After doing that I noticed a flag pole that had previously been leaning in was now leaning out. I tried using the Guided Upright Tool again, but it would not do anything and instead said "! Invalid guide congiuration.".


      I then tried adding another upright guide on a nearby fence post to the right of the flag-pole but that did not help, and then replaced the flag-pole guide with a guide on a fence-post to the left of it, but that did not help either.


      Any ideas on how to fix this in Lightroom, or even Photoshop if that fails?





      Church Angles.jpg