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    Does these widgets exist?

    lindajacobsen2@msn.com Level 1

      Hi, I am making a portfolio with Adobe Muse. Two things that I would love to implement in my portfolio and can not find through google (maybe because I don't know how to ask) is showcasing webpages and apps that I have made in Adobe XD. Is it possible to set up a picture of a phone and then implement a app mockup (made in XD) inside of the phone picture, so they can interact on my app-mockup inside my portfolio website?


      The other thing is that I would also like to showcase my design manuals, is there a widget where I can put for example a PDF in and then Muse makes it look like a magazine, where you can slide the pages?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          A PDF is a PDF. You can't just magically convert it to a web-based slideshow with page-turns because that's what those things essentially are - a specific kind of slideshow. That's why you have to create images from your PDFs and implement them in such a manner. Conversely, your XD stuff will have to be exported as PNGs or SVGs to be used directly on a web site.