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    Prevent focus out of datagrid cell?

    happybrowndog Level 1
      Can't figure this one out. I have a datagrid with an itemEditEnd bound to a function "erorrcheck" that checks the correctness of the value entered in a cell. If the value is not allowable, I need the focus to be prevented from leaving the cell.

      I tried these two method to solve this problem, but neither worked:
      1) if a value entered isn't allowed, then at the end of the function "errorcheck" the datagrid's editedItemPosition is used.
      2) an "editerror" flag is set in the function "errorcheck". A function "forcecursor" is bound to the datagrid's ITEM_FOCUS_OUT event. In the "forcecursor" function, the "editerror" flag is checked for an error, and if it is "true", then the datagrid's editItemPosition is used.

      One problem I have found that may be compounding the ability to find a solution is that the itemEditEnd is triggered twice when the user tabs out of any one cell. What's going on with that?