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    How to activate second memebership


      Been searching for a solution for a while now. Here is my situation: I have got a Macintosh desktop computer on which I initially purchased an annual membership of CC. This will be soon added by a Windows desktop computer on which I plan to run some of the apps from the annual membership as a copy. As a third computer I am using a Macbook Pro. For this computer I purchased a second membership specifically for photography with Photoshop and Lightroom only. Now if I try to install those two apps from the second membership the full membership apps are only available after login with my Adobe account. I cannot find a way to specifically choose the second membership and install those two apps from there. How can I do this?


      If I install Photoshop for example, it activates the Macbook in the annual membership. You gave us a fine and logic solution by just deactivating devices from a membership but forgotten about the other way round. It is really frustrating because I am paying for the second membership since  December 2016 and still cannot use it.