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    CS3 Timeline issues

      Sorry if this has already been posted, had a quick look but couldn't see.

      Anyway, for the past few years I have been using Flash MX 2004, and have just started to use CS3. Kind of wish I hadn't.

      My first problem involving the timeline is that I have a main menu on frame 1, with buttons linking to other frames. My first button is to go to frame 20. Now on Flash MX2004, it would go straight to it. However, on CS3, it goes through frames 2-19 before showing 20, therefore taking a few seconds to open. Anyone know why it does this?

      My second problem is that if I have a button linking to frame 3, it should go to it. However, it stops at frame 2, where I have a stop. Both problems kind of relate, as instead of jumping straight to the desired frame, it plays along the timeline. This was never a problem on MX2004.

      Can anyone help?