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    CC: You may have limited acces to Adobe Apps or Services


      Hey there


      First for all I am quite new to the Adobe Creative Cloud so it could be that I just overlooked something trivial still I don't understand why the CC is not working for my Desktop. I can use it on my Laptop and my Surface and it works like a charm, but as soon as I disable one license so I can use it on the Desktop this ( title ) shows up. I already tried the steps described when you click on the " Get Help" thingy. It didn't work. As soon as the "check for App Updates" is over it comes back. Kind of annyoing when I want to use Photoshop to edit a picture I first need to load the picture on a stick and then edit it on my tablet before I can get it back again on my desktop. ( Also it looks like I am not allowed to get chat support because my account is not 90 days old... Oh well already loosing 90 days of my 365 days subscription...)


      Looking forward to any helpful advice.