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    cloud space




      I've been using my cloud space provided with the subscription - I work in a company with approx 5 other CC users. We each have individual accounts with 100gb allocated cloud space. I've been looking at ways to use this space for finished project PDF's allowing internal staff and external clients to view there documents using the InDesign animation features for example.


      The issue i have is often we share a project with updates being made on individual versions of InDesign. If  for example i use the 'InDesign publish online feature' share the link with the client and then a week later my colleague does the same she/he will have the updated version within the allocated cloud area which would be inaccessible to me. It could become complex as we wouldn't know upon which cloud account the latest version lived....


      Therefore do you know if it's possible to merge cloud space so that the uploads would be accessible to all users?


      Hope that hasn't confused everyone...