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    Problem with rendering in After Effects CC 2017


      After Effects CC 2017 is not rendering either by "add to render queue" or by the Adobe Media Encoder.


      My system is:

      Windows 7

      64 bit operating system

      16GB RAM

      Intel i7-2600CPU@3.40GHz

      GeForce GTX 570/PCIe/SSE2 (version 2.1.2 NVIDIA 361.43, Total Memory: 1.20GB, Shader Model: 4.0 or later


      This is my disk cache setup and I also purge often..




      When I try and render the composition by "add to render queue" it comes up with the message..."out of disk space 26::165...." yet I have lots of disk space.



      When I try and render by adobe media encoder, it gets stuck and then fails and in the log it says:


      - Encoding Time: 00:55:44

      01/16/2017 04:46:17 PM : Encoding Failed


      Export Error

      Error compiling movie.



      Render Error



      Render returned error.



      Writing with exporter: H.264

      Writing to file: \\?\E:\Video Drive1\Chaucer\IntroVideo\TestAME.mp4

      Writing file type: H264

      Around timecode: 00;01;28;03 - 00;01;28;19

      Rendering at offset: 88.121 seconds

      Component: H.264 of type Exporter

      Selector: 9

      Error code: -1609629695


      Can anyone help please?