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    3D puppet pin and other small questions


      Hello guys,


      is it possibile to use the puppet pin feature in a 3D environment?


      I'm asking this because I'm creating a video where a couple of characters are climbing a stairway and the camera is frontal. So basically you see these 2 characters climbing it from a frontal view.

      It's basically impossible to make a semi-realistic animation from the frontal 2D view because it's really hard to animate legs and arms that ideally are going in the Z direction.


      So if I use a camera and I move it so I can see the side of the stairway, even if the characters are 2D, can I use the puppet pin and move the pins in Z line?

      I need this for the reason I wrote above and because the climbing should be difficult to do so I would like to give the characters an hunchback pose.


      Characters are simple silhouette, so there won't be shading or clipping problems I guess?


      Also, for a semi-realistic short movie about a commercial product, what kind of shape should I use for these characters in your opinion? I've done a bunch of sketches, some of them are very geometrical, others are made by curve shapes. I really can't think about a perfect shape for these characters, I've seen some short movies and I've tried to make them similar, but I feel like I'm not watching the right movies. If you guys have some example about some silhouettes of semi-realistic characters I would be very glad to see them and take some inspiration!



      - Ste