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    erase computer authorization licensing error message


      I have been having problems with this since last year.  I used to be able to download documents and books without any problem.  At some point I began getting an error message regarding the user license.  The problem was not resolved. I am still trying to access my digital editions for downloading as I am currently finishing an online degree and depend on downloading resources.  I keep getting the same message, and when I try to erase the computer authorization in an attempt to correct this problem, I get a message where I need to enter the email and password.  However, the system doesn't allow me to enter any information, and it is an email address that I no longer use nor have I used for years. I would have no way of knowing the password for this as it is not accepting any of the ones I am entering and doesn't allow me to check or verify the password.  The regular customer support has been unable to help me with this and they claim you will be able to help me.