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    Indesign: NOT deleting blank lines?!?!

    Wortman Printing

      Remove Blank Lines For Empty Fields

      Remove paragraph returns inserted for empty fields. This is especially useful for mailings in which you have an optional address field. This option ignores soft returns. If any characters, including spaces, appear on the line, the line is not deleted.


      I am finding, however, that even though the empty fields are indeed empty and this option is selected, the Data Merge is leaving behind a paragraph return. I am using Adobe Indesign CC 2017.








      <<City>>, <<State>> <<ZIP>>




      John Doe

      123 Main Street

      Hometown, IL 60456


      Since Address fields 2 and 3 were blank in the CSV source (ex: 123 Main Street,,,Hometown,IL,60456), I would expect the "Remove Blank Lines" to remove BOTH blank lines... but only one is removed.


      Can anyone provide any advise on how to make this function as the help apparently claims it will?