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    2004 Director project Xtra (text)

    txt xtra Level 1
      Hello. I am trying to recompile a project that was done on a mac so that it will run on windows. The project is quite old. I have some dir files and some x32 files. The x32 files were all grabbed off the net.

      The problem that I am having is that whenever I try and publish the movie, it complains with the message "An application requires an Xtra (Text) that either does not exist or failed to initalize properly. Please make sure the appropriate xtras are in the xtras folder."

      Now this happened with a bunch of xtras before, and I was able to create a folder called xtra and then download the x32 files to that directory. This one however is giving me lots of problems. THe Xtra (TextXtra.x32 340kb) is in the xtras folder as well but for some reason it doesnt detect it. I tried to remove it under modify -> movies -> xtra but it just comes back, I cannot remove it.
      I have also tried various versions of this file. My question is how do i elliminate either a) the need for my project to use this file or b) the error message from occuring.

      Unfortunately, I have no idea how director works and am learning as I go. Is there some way to list the sections that call this particular extra so I can see about removing them or substituting them with something else? Where do I look to try and solve this problem.

      It would also be nice to know what the heck this file is doing for my project. Maybe it isnt even used? I have no idea!