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    On-click, rotate flower and expand petal size...how to do this w/o Edge Animate?




      I am trying to achieve the following tasks with an animated and clickable infographic for my website. I have been stumped for 2 days, as any tutorials are on Edge Animate, and it looks like the closest Adobe application is Animate CC. (Edge Animate is discontinued?) I attached Illustrator images that give an idea of what I want to display.flower_explanation.png


      Task Goals...
      1) User hovers over one of 7 petals.

      2) On hover, the petal changes color.

      3) On petal click, the flower rotates clockwise so that clicked petal is on the middle right side of the flower.

      4) Also on petal click, text appears related to the word/number on that petal.


      This is similar to what I'm looking for, included the zip files that were provided as examples, but I don't see how to recreate this with any current Adobe application: Re: How do I make pieces of a circle get larger & have text appear when clicked?


      (resdesign had provided a response that's close to what I want at the above link, but I'm not sure of how to actually make the infographic with any current Adobe application.)