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    Workspace - Ghosted "attached files" tabs

    clp3777Aii Level 1

      DW will not refresh the document window's "attached files" tabs.  It doesn't matter which document I open up, or what site I am working on, if I have linked files to an html document, DW will display them twice in the menu after any changes have been made to the associated linked files.  In every case, one tab of two tabs pointing to an associated file will produce an error message, while the other tab functions properly.


      The first image attached shows the workspace menu of one of the documents I am working on.  The second image shows the error message anytime I try and select the ghost tab that flasely appears to be associated with the actual attached file. 



      This is frustrating because I use a variety of svg, js, and css files to build my pages and it it tedious to sift through which tabs are working paths and which tabs are ghosted caches or buggy tabs.