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    interactive PDF saved from indesign not displaying in all browsers properly.


      Hi all,

      I have created a long document in indesign for use on the web, which I have saved using indesign's default interactive PDF settings.

      The pdf is uploaded to a website where visitors can read it directly in their browser.


      The problem is that I have had a report from one user only (on a PC, running internet explorer i'm guessing - waiting for more info) saying that certain lines of text within the body copy is replaced by symbols. I have checked the original indesign document, and the entire passages of text share exactly the same font and paragraph style, so i'm not sure why this would happen. The fonts are embedded as reported by acrobat, and have no restrictions.


      I use a mac, and myself and my other coworkers have viewed the pdf from Safari, Chrome and firefox, and different phone platforms with no issue - the font displays correctly.


      Upon very close inspection - we have noticed that the passages of text that are a problem are in fact a very, very slightly different colour, though there is no indication of why this is in the indesign document - it is EXACTLY the same as the other lines of text. Upon noticing this, I ran a font preflight test in acrobat, and have noticed in the report that the suspect passages have been replaced by a 'CID' version of the body copy font. I have no idea why it would do this?


      I'm assuming that for whatever reason, the browser this person was viewing from struggled to display the CID versions of the font which is for some reason littered throughout the document amongst the regular TrueType embedded font.


      On another note, whilst creating the original file indesign crashed at one point - could this have corrupted the file?


      The document has many paragraph rules, bullets and hyperlinks so outlining the entire document is not really an option.

      Has anyone encountered this before?


      any help would be greatly appreciated