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    about catalog backup


      Hi ~ (my english is not well....)

      I used Lightroom 6 for win, it is very well.
      I have a question, someone can help me?



      when I close LR 6, this program will show catalog backup message,

      I click the "backup" ,  it tell me "no permission"  to backup catalg

      "Lightroom cannt backup Lightroom Catalog"
      "Try" , "Chose anther backup file path" , "End"


      I chose "Chose anther backup file path"  many times,
      and chose ""a lot of file path, ex: c:\ , d:\  or any disk
      but It always show  "no permission"





      my pc: windows 10 home/ x64   Lightroom 6
      my pc account: use administrator account.