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    Problem with Intel display driver


      I've tried to launch Premiere Elements 11, as I do almost every day, but I got an advice that told me the system have detected an incompatible graphic driver, and suggest me to update it. I've tried but "Intel" website answer me that they detected a modified VGA driver and suggested me to contact the notebook producer (Asus). So I did, and Asus send me a link to download the "correct" driver, but the result is Always the same... I launch Premiere Elements but when I try to open the Editor box I see the advice again and all my PC gets stuck, so I have to reboot. I treid also some other driver from Intel site and Always the same result.
      I've seen on forum that someone suggests to remove Premiere and reinstall it at all, but I don't know if this attempt will burn one of the available setup that I could use to install Premiere on another device.

      Is this a common problem?. does anyone have other solution to try?
      Thank to all in advance and best regards



      In my notebook, I have Windows 7 - 64 bit, Intel Core i5 processor,
      and also another VGA, Nvidia Geforce, I know that this could seems a problem, maybe for the possible conflict between graphic chipset, but I used my pc this way since 2014 and I've never had a problem with Premiere Elements..
      Thanks again