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    Information in which projects topics are used available?

    Karin_Albrecht Level 1

      Hi all,

      I'm wondering, if anyone of you knows where I can see, in which projects a certain topic is used? I searched the available reports, but with no luck.

      What I want to know exactly is the following:

      I have several "general" projects like "Install", "Configuration", "Views". Then I use some topics from each of these projects in other projects (via the Resource Manager; the topics are linked and keep updated). In the combined projects, I see which topics origin from somewhere else (this is indicated by a green check mark). I can even see, where this topic origins from via the file properties - path.

      I'm looking for an option to see in the source project, if a topic is used somewhere else and if yes, where. This would be very helpful, if I need to rework such a file or just want to delete is.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks and regards