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    Search Functionality Gone in Safari 2.0

      Using Safari 2.0, I opened a WebHelp file generated by a project created in RoboHelp 7.02. I noticed that the Search field and button were missing from the top of the window, and when I clicked the Search tab over the left navigation pane, an index displayed instead.

      This is troubling because the Search functionality is enabled but Index is deliberately disabled in the project properties. I contacted Adobe Support, and they recommended disabling Section 508 Compliant Output. I've never enabled it.

      The problem only appears in Safari 2.0; in Firefox 3.0 and IE 6.0 and 7.0, the Search functionality appears as programmed.

      Any ideas of what might be going wrong or how I might correct it? The project requirements specify Safari 2.0 compliance and a fully functional search feature. Neither asking the customer to switch browsers nor using the index in place of a search is an option.