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    Adobe Draw iPad Perspective Grid 2 Point Perspective Option


      Old on-Line tutorials show two point perspective grid options, but the newer version I have seems to offer only 3-point perspective. I cannot find any way to edit the perspective grid, only to move around the point of view. Is there an option for deleting the third vanishing point, or switching to a 2-point perspective grid?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          To get out of three-point perspective and remove that third vanishing point, use one finger to drop/raise the vanishing below/above the horizon line (if you look closely while you're moving it, you'll see it snap at the mid point) until it drops off the canvas. You can do the same thing with the remaining two vanishing points to go from two-point perspective to one-point perspective.


          To move the object around the canvas without changing the perspective, use a two-fingers-together drag

          To decrease/increase the size of the object do a two-finger pinch/spread.


          Does that help? Perspective is not my strong suit but I"m happy to ask someone for pointers if you still have questions.


          Let me know.