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    Published AIR File For Desktop Will Not Install...Verifies Download And Then Quits With No Errors...


      I have built a application that is for AIR for Desktop, ActionScript 3.0, and made the published output a Window Installer. I'm able to publish the file and get it saved on my computer, however, when I go to install the file Animate just created, it has a Please Wait loading pop-up, and then goes to Verifying Download loading pop-up. After that, the installer just quits and nothing happens. I do not get any further than that and the application I built is never installed on my computer. It does not give any errors or anything. Just quits.


      I should also point out, I used to use Flash Professional to work on this application, so this is an old application that was upgraded when I opened it in Animate CC. I was able to create a new project in Animate CC and publish and install it just fine. So I'm thinking it must be something weird with the upgrade?