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    AFTER EFFECTS CS6 training (instead of CC)

    daryl7372 Level 1


      Can I gets some good advice on AFTER EFFECTS: as I have always wanted to get the knowledge and use under my belt.

      I am thinking in saving money buy buying AE CS6 and learn it with online courses like Lynda or Total Training.

      I really don't want to get CC due to having to get all the software and get wifi link at home to do CC.


      Is my reasoning still sound by going this route please - as I can pick-up other upgrades if I get to work with the program in a work situation.

      Just need want to get to understand and learn the program and do the thing at this point.


      Thanks you: Daryl

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There are plenty of users still using CS6 and older versions due to how buggy and unreliably the CC versions are, which puts many people off in addition to being chained to a subscription contract. Also the back catalog of tutorials you can find on the web is clearly based on older versions to a large degree and even if tutes are done with CC, the techniques can be applied to other versions. The only real question therefore remeians how long this will be possible, since older versions become less and less compatible with modern operating systems and that causes problems of its own...



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            daryl7372 Level 1

            Many thanks - always a good thing to ask before spending the cash I feel.


            Best: Daryl